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Private Homes & Villa Basics


What is a Private Home & Villa Stay?

Private Homes and Villa stays combine all the best parts of your favorite holidays and a world of destination options with that extra touch that no other type of accommodation can match. We like to say that after you've tried a private home holiday, going back to hotels just isn't as exciting!



Here is what they're all about.

Private Homes and Villas are not timeshares properties and they have nothing to do with destination clubs and involve no long-term commitments. These homes are luxurious private residences made available by their owners as holiday accommodations. You can rent a home or villa at any time of the year, for a few nights, a week or two or even longer—no fixed dates, no blackout periods dictating when and where you can go to relax.


They are also not reserved just for the rich and famous with big celebrity budgets. The rates vary depending on the size of the property, its location but there is always just one price to split between everyone. That includes the property, all of its amenities and dedicated staff in some cases. With several families or couples traveling together, even the most luxurious homes can be a more economical option compared with hotels.


Homes of all sizes are scattered across the world's hottest destinations, so finding the right one is never a problem. Pick from a Hillside colonial home, a Seafront villa facing the Indian Ocean or a chic Urban apartment in a buzzing Asian city.


Whatever kind of traveler you are, you can find a stay that will suit your needs perfectly.


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