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Frequently Asked Questions


On the Booking Processes

Who can give me information about the homes I'm interested in?

Your APC Assistant: they help all of our customers answer questions and queries on any booking concerns you may have, special requests, directions to the homes and most of them have visited these homes unless they are new to the company. You will always be able to speak to someone who knows your preferred homes like the back of their hand! Just write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or initiate a live chat session online.


What is the maximum capacity of your homes or villas?

For each property the maximum capacity is clearly stated on the property's overview page. We usually specify the number of adults and children (under 12 years old).


Will you allow more than the maximum capacity listed in the website?

No, we will not for various reasons, ranging from safety, security and others.


Even if we are willing to pay for an additional person?

Yes, we regret, we are unable to accommodate such request.


Where can I find prices?

You will find the prices for the homes listed under the home's property overview page or in the booking engine when you check for availability. Prices can be seen in Malaysian Ringgit, US Dollars, Euros and HK Dollars per week, per person or per night. Payment can be made in Malaysian Ringgit, US Dollars, Euros and HK Dollars.


How can I check availability on-line?

Simply click on Book Now for the home you like on our Website.


Once I decide on a home, how do I complete my booking?

Click here to see the process (link to 9.1 flowchart)



Concierge Services

We plan to relax as much as possible and would love to have a masseuse come to our home once or twice. Is this possible?

This can be arranged for some of the properties. Just let us know a week in advacnce and we will be happy to organise it for you.


We plan to do a lot of touring round, sightseeing, but we don't want to drive every day. Can you arrange a private car and driver for us?

This can definitely be arranged. Again, just let us know at least a week before you arrive. However, in certain destinations, you may join an organized tour as private vehicles may not be available.


We have special dietary requirements, can you help us ensure they will be the right type of food?

Certainly, for most destinations, just inform us at the point of booking and we will be able to do some basic shopping for you. There will be a small fee to cover all labour and transportation costs as some of the properties are located in remote locations. The fee starts from US$35. However, if this service is not available in some destinations, we will inform you in advance but usually there will be a local grocer that you can make your own purchases.



What's included in the price?

Is electricity included?

Electricity is included in the price.


Is water included?

Yes, water is included in the price.


Is cleaning included?

Yes, daily housekeeping and cleaning in the living area, guest rooms and bathrooms is included unless otherwise indicated. If additional housekeeping services are required, additional charges are applicable.


Are sheets and towels provided?

Yes. On arrival you will find all the beds made up and towels for you and your party.


How often are sheets and towels changed?

The frequency of linen and towel change varies from property to property. But in general, linen change takes place on the 3rd day of your stay and towel change takes place every 2nd day. If more frequent changes are required, an extra charge will apply. Please look under the property overview page of the home of your choice for more information. The fee starts from US$35 per change.



Checking-in and checking-out

How will I find the property and get inside?

In our Website, we will provide you with instructions how to get there and there will be a google map for your easy reference. In our Confirmation Letter, we will also provide you with a local contact person and number should your require instruction on the day of check in. The in house team has been informed of your arrival and check in and they will be waiting to receive you and your party at the property.


When can I check in?

Standard check-in times are between 3.00pm and 6.00pm. It is usually not possible to arrive earlier, as the homes need to be cleaned and prepared thoroughly before your arrival (usually other guests would have just checked out that morning). Sometimes, however, it may be possible to drop off your luggage earlier and then return at 3.00pm. Please note that it is important to confirm an estimated check-in time and to be as punctual as possible, as the in house team needs to be prepared to welcome you. Should you be delayed, please call the local contact person.


What if I am going to arrive later than 9.00pm?

A. We will try our best to receive you and your party. However, please note that on some occasions, a small charge for late check-ins (after 9:00pm) may apply. This should be paid locally in cash to the person waiting for you. The rationale for this is that the staff involved are working unsociable hours, over and above their contracted ones. They make themselves available late into the night when they would otherwise have family commitments, social engagements or even other part-time jobs. It is of fundamental importance that after a long journey, you arrive to find the house open and ready, lights on, welcome drink (especially late at night), and someone to give a tour of the property and explain the general workings of the house. This, we have found, aids settling in, makes life much easier in the long run and avoids unnecessary problems and phone calls.


What happens if my flight is delayed and I arrive late at the villa? Who do I tell?

You should call the Local Contact person.


When do I have to check out by?

Standard check-out time is before 12:00 noon unless otherwise indicated. It is generally not possible to check-out after this time as the homes need to be cleaned and prepared thoroughly for the arrival of other guests.



During the Stay

Is there an iron and ironing board?

Yes, most properties have an iron and an ironing board.


Will I be able to access the Internet at the property?

The vast majority of our homes do not have internet access. Please bear with us as We are trying to work on improving this for your convenience.


For the homes that have Internet access, either through dial up line or internet connection (with or without Wi-Fi). You will be given the relevant information for access to this by the in house team.


Who do I contact if I have a problem at the property?

Please contact the Local Contact who is usually a member of your in house team.



General Questions

Are your properties safe for children?

Many of our homes are perfect for families with children. Usually, when we feel they are not suitable for children, we make a note of it in our website under the property overview page. However, we wish to remind that guests are to be responsible for infant and child care.


Are pets allowed?

We do not allow pets in all of our properties.


Do you only arrange accommodation?

Apart from accommodation, we can also organise small events such as parties, private exchange of vows and photography session. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Is cooking allowed in the homes?

All homes are sold with breakfast and have an ala carte menu in which you can order meals, food and snacks from. Light cooking in homes is allowed unless indicated.


Do you arrange flights or car hire?

We do not arrange flights or car hire.


Should I take out travel insurance for my holiday?

We recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance. Many credit card companies include holiday insurance as do other more general insurance policies, so you should first check these.


Can I smoke inside the property?

Smoking is not permitted inside the property. With respect for the owners of the homes, we request that smoking guests take their hobby outdoors! Most homes have an outdoor terrace seating area or poolside area.


What about pipe and cigars?

Cigar and pipe-smoking are not permitted inside the property. With respect for the owners of the homes, we request that smoking guests take their hobby outdoors! Most homes have an outdoor terrace seating area or poolside area.


What if my kids accidentally break an item in the home?

We understand that accidents can happen. In such an event, please inform a member of our in house team. If it is small item like a cup or saucer, the staff will inform you of the replacement cost and this amount will be charged to your check out bill.


What if the item is an expensive display item or a painting?

Some of the private homes and villas have antiques, expensive art collection as they are private homes. In the event of such breakages, please inform a member of our in house team. Depending on the situation, we will revert to you on the necessary follow up procedures. Usually, you will have to compensate the owner for the breakage of the item and you will have a choice of paying for it on your own or through your insurance policy.


Can I take away items from the home as souvenirs?

No. In the event, guests takes away any items from the home ranging from linen, towels, pillows, electrical appliances and others, we reserve the right to charge the guests for the cost of replacing the item. This can take place post-check out.