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Avillion Private Collection is looking for interesting properties located in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and any other Asian countries. The properties or estates can be located in any location ranging from a city apartment, to a country home or beach/island retreat.

In hope of meeting property owners who will share mutual goals and understanding as our brand, we are now offering a discounted rate on our services.


  • FREE or WAIVER on Technical Assistance Consultancy Fees, when the Homeowner signs up for our Property Management & Marketing Services.

  • DISCOUNTED RATES on Property Management Consultancy and Service Fees.


Property owners should hold medium to long-term views on their intention to work with us to enable a consistent generation of income and healthy working relationship. Under very special circumstances and with unique properties, we are open to the concept of co-investing with the Homeowner.



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Driven and motivated by the core founding team of the Avillion Hotel Group, we will be delighted to personally meet up with potential Home Owners, wherever you are based in Asia. Start by getting in touch with us today for a private one-on-one discussion about your property.


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