Avillion Private Collection



Discover Holidays in Private Homes & Estates Within Asia

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Why Us?

Private Homes & Estate Manager in Asia

We help homeowners generate income from their underutilised homes, properties and estates in Asia.


Born out of the desire to marry private property owners to international travellers, we are Asia’s one and only private residence and luxury home property management and marketing specialist.



Avillion Brand Offering

We see Avillion Private Collection as an extension of the brand values and service standards under the Avillion brand. We are a boutique brand, offering unique experiential stay experience for our customers.



Why Us?

New Kid on the Block Yet Not Quite!

Yes, we are a relatively young company but we have roots, hands on experience and proven track record in travel distribution and the hospitality business.


We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Avillion Hotel Group, an award winning hotel chain and Reliance Pacific Berhad, an integrated travel, hospitality and property development group publicly listed in South East Asia. Avillion Private Collection leverages on the group’s proven track record and hands on experience in hotel management and global travel distribution, to deliver a unique experiential stay for our clients.


Regional Distribution Networks

Our distribution expertise spans across the wholesale level (B2B) and on a retail level (B2C). Property-by-property, we review and help carve out the best method of distribution for the property marketed, in hope to generate the best performance possible.


We use the latest database technology to distribute comprehensive information and visuals of the properties through a diverse range of channels including:

  • Worldwide industry specific partners, travel agents and operators
  • 80,000 database of villa clients, industry professionals and market trendsetters
  • PR through commercial video, print magazines, online media and editorials    
  • Professional trade show attendance